"I want to be top 20 WTA”

Yeonwoo is the best player in South Korea within his age group.  Now, she joined the group of the 50 best juniors on the planet and is getting ready to play all the Grand Slam events in 2021.

In addition, in his first participation in a professional tournament, she won the title. Definitely a pleasant surprise. “The intensity in training has made me improve my fitness and the power on my shots a lot. Now I understand better how I should play tactically and that has been fundamental when it comes to achieving good results”, she says.

Being away from home is never easy and for Yeonwoo, being far from her typical food is difficult. “I suffer with food. I miss Korean food but I know the sacrifice will be worth it”.  About her goal, the player has no doubt, "I want to be top 20 WTA."

“I will reach my goal by training hard daily and with a lot of tournament experience. It is a long road. But I know I will make it”

AGE: 17

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